A moment for you.

Reflection. Not enough time for this. Constantly filling our ears with songs and words written by other people, obstructing our view with images of other’s lives and experiences. When do we stop to listen and observe our own lives and what is important to us, not what matters to anybody else? When did you last take a moment for you?

I write this knowing it has been written before – I probably unashamedly have got some of the context from something I read on Instagram or song I have listened to (Drake – Emotionless being a prime example). But I truly believe that if we continue to cloud our lives with the false belief that anybody gives as much of a damn about what we do as ourselves then it will be a constant struggle.

Social media provides a platform for the biggest lie the world faces today. Every second somebody is posting a snippet of their lives, an instant of a day, of a lifetime. Capturing perhaps a beautiful moment, but for who’s purpose? If it were their own then why not print the picture, keep it in an album or in a frame to reflect on that experience privately? No, we post these moments for the world to see, to gain some form of recognition from people who are doing exactly the same – and the games begin. For those who feel any ounce of self doubt look upon these brief glimpses of false pretence, wondering why? Why aren’t they as happy, as beautiful, as rich, as popular.. the questions go on.

What that picture doesn’t show is emotion or explanation. What is the person in that picture really feeling and what are they currently dealing with in their lives? That should be the true question. If, for a second we had an insight into what insecurities, doubts and fears that person themselves might be feeling it might make everybody feel that it’s okay. Okay to feel sad, anxious, lonely..

Why, instead of sharing images of places, do we not share experiences of feelings. Feelings are what truly define us, not the delicious bowl of Ramen you had in a cool bar in Japan back in 2013, but how that made you feel and everything in between.

I suggest that we reflect on ourselves more, and observe others less. Take a moment for you and share it. Share your feelings and make both yourself and others realise you are never alone.