Confessions of a Valentine’s Day Hater

When it comes to Valentine’s Day I have noticed there seems to be two different groups of people.

There are the romantics who happen to love the day and then there are those who believe that the holiday was created by Hallmark just so people will spend more money.

Currently, I fall into the first category. In past years however, I most certainly did not enjoy Valentine’s Day. I dreaded it just like every other single girl my age.

Being of a cynical nature, I would roll my eyes at couples holding hands and kissing in public. I swore to myself that I would NEVER do that. I tried to console myself by saying that I really didn’t want flowers or chocolate.

I spent most of my Valentine’s Day’s alone and crabby-until things changed and I fell in love.

My perspective has completely done a 180. I now find couples engaging in PDA adorable instead of repulsive. I enjoy cheesy sentimental things like candy, cards, and mushy text messages.

I NEVER thought I would turn into this kind of person. Things in life never seem to stay the same.

So, if you are currently single, or just not a fan of Valentine’s Day I suggest you check your attitude. You just never know when one of Cupid’s arrows will strike your heart.

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