Push-up bras and mini skirts

Baba is the second one to the right!

As twenty-somethings we receive a lot of advice on a regular basis.

Our parents, teachers co-workers and friends have advice on the way they think we should live our lives. Some of the advice is helpful. And other times we would be better off if the advice hadn’t been given in the first place.

Some of the best advice I have ever received has come from my grandmother, more lovingly known as Baba to close friends and family. I must admit that most of the time my Baba is giving me advice I role my eyes. But, I have decided to dedicate this blog post to her. So, Baba if you are reading this I DO LISTEN!

1.Always curl your hair.

The only time I receive compliments on my hair is when it is long, blonde and curled!

2.Work what you’ve got. My Baba introduced me to my first push-up bra and mini skirt. My grandmother was never like other grandmothers. She has always encouraged me to wear clothes a little tighter and shorter than most grandmothers would approve of!

3.Follow a schedule. I’m 23 and I believe that my Baba has been following the same schedule for my entire short life and probably before that. She constantly reminds me to schedule my days!

4.Clean up as you go along! I’ve never seen my Baba’s house messy. I can’t quite figure out how she does it. Nothing can ever be left out at her house!

5.Get lots of sleep! My baba believes that everyone is cranky without a nap!

6.Have a personality. This woman is half of the reason I have such a big personality! She constantly encourages me to be myself and stand out from the crowd.

7.Always ask others about themselves and LISTEN! My Baba has the distinct gift of taking an interest in everyone’s lives no matter who they are. I can say I have most definitely taken that advice to heart! 😉

This list could be much longer. My Baba gives me advice on a daily basis. After I decided to start writing it all down I realized just how good it really is.

I’ve decided to start listening a little more with a lot less eye rolling.

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