10 women I aspire to be like before I’m 30!

1.My baba! She is super woman!

2.Kelly Ripa-She is just so darn cute! I’d also love to have her wardrobe! Images33f

3. Katie Couric- Such an amazing journalist with a great personality to boot!

4.Regina Brett-Such a great local writer. My favorite Plain Dealer columnist. Image

5. Liz Ferro-Founder of Girls with Sole! And all around amazing woman, mother and athlete! Image

6.Barbra Walters-Totatlly admire this woman!

7.Nan Baker-Local politician. I worked on her campaign a few years ago and still look up to her!


8.Christina Hagan-I went to college with this girl. She is amazing. Working full-time in the state house at the age of 22! Very inspirational!


9.Reese Witherspoon-gorgeous, talented and adorable personality! Need I say more?


10.Emily Giffin-Favorite writer ever! Beauty and brains!


If you get a chance check out my number 5 at girlswithsole.org! It’s a great organization for young girls! I volunteer for Liz once a week!

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