I could not relate more to this post! I’m glad I am not alone! This post is one of the many reasons I am obsessed with this blog!

Forever Twenty Somethings

When I graduated from college, I said I would move to NYC, get an awesome job, and live lavishly amongst my best college friends and new work friends.

Two years later, I am living in a Boston apartment with 3 other girls and barely any money. Instead of being in NYC, I am only 20 minutes from my family’s house… and only 20 minutes away from the town I grew up in. In other words, I am not in NYC… nor did I ever move to NYC after graduating.

Instead, I moved back home. I set up shop in my room, saying hello to my twin bed, my dance trophies, and my stuffed animals. Duffel bags of clothes and decorations sat on the ground for months as I applied to jobs in NYC – and even some jobs out west (I loved LA when I ‘studied abroad’ there, so why…

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