Not fond of planning

I distinctly remember when I started challenging the concept of God’s will or plan for my life. I was in seventh grade and

thought that challenging everything I was told was cool. The church and school I was raised in taught me that if you had

a personal relationship with Jesus he would eventually reveal to you his master plan. I did not

like this idea at all. I vehemently argued that I had a brain and could figure out what I wanted

to do with my life without God’s direction.

Time went on and I started to grow up. Into college I stayed behind my belief that I did not need God to figure out my life.

I stubbornly stated that I could figure it all out on my own. And then I graduated. I was no longer a student. I had to start

looking for full-time jobs. My deepest desire was to become a reporter. Upon graduation I thought I would become a

reporter who wrote stories that shaped society and connected with people.

I’ll tell you now that certainly DID NOT HAPPEN. I applied to numerous jobs and got numerous rejections. My normally

sunny disposition turned quite sour. I suddenly had no plan. I started questioning why I wanted to be a journalist in the

first place.

I started saying to myself,”Man, I wish I had some kind of master plan to follow.” It was at that moment I realized I was

pretty much going back on the theory I had held so tightly to for so many years.

It was clear to me that I could use some help planning my life after all.

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