Life is like running a marathon


I started running almost ten years ago. I remember when I couldn’t even run a mile. I started running because I was TERRIBLE at every other sport. Softball, soccer and basketball were all sports I could not be apart of because they required to much coordination. I found those sports to be complicated. There were to many rules and plays to be memorized.

Running on the other hand was much different. All I had to do was put one foot in front of the other. Running required patience and tenacity. As the years went on I became a better runner.

I quickly learned what it meant to become addicted to running. Running five miles was not enough. Eventually, I began running marathons. There is nothing quite like the experience of running a marathon.

My feet are completely ruined because of my running. The callouses on my feet get so big sometimes that I cannot even fit my feet into my heels. (I considered taking a picture of my feet, but decided against it.) I have no toenails on my two big toes. Serious runner’s toe nails eventually fall off after they have run so many miles.

Running a marathon is the most exhausting, painful, and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. I’ve started training for my next marathon in May. I must admit that I am a bit afraid of running this one. I have not run a marathon in over a year.

I started realizing that life is like running a marathon in many ways. The first similarity I found was that you CANNOT hurry through a marathon. Running 26.2 miles takes patience. Reaching the finish line is going to be a long, painful process.

Life is a lot likethis. I am constantly in a hurry to figure everything out in my life. When I was single I wanted to know when I would find a boyfriend. Now that I am unemployed I want to know when I will land my dream job as a reporter.

I need to learn a lesson from the marathons I’ve run and implement some patience into my life. Life like a marathon, can be painful and long but if I can just keep on running the finish line will soon be in sight.

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