Plan: land dream job, get married and buy a PUPPY!

I went on my 5th job interview today. It went extremely well and I was asked to come back for the second interview. The job is certainly not my dream job.

The minute I received the call for the second interview instead of being happy and relieved that I was being granted a second interview, I was nervous. My mind starting racing immediately.

My brain,”What happens if I get this job? Am I giving up on my dream of becoming a reporter?”

These are just a few of the thoughts that were racing through my mind today. As I went on about my day I soon realized that this incessant worrying was robbing me of enjoying the moment. I started to look back on other moments in my life and soon found out that I am so consumed with wondering what will happen NEXT that I am not even enjoying RIGHT NOW!

I believe one of the reasons I am  looking for what comes NEXT is that I am constantly being asked what my plans for the future are. So, I start planning. My plans start to look a little something like this:

Start full-time job at marketing firm, stay there for a few years, get engaged, get puppy, get married, have baby. 

Ohhh wait. Maybe I should get a puppy before I get engaged or maybe I should quit my marketing job and become a firefighter that sounds like fun……

As you can see my mind is always 10 steps ahead of reality. All I have is a second interview at a job that I will probably  enjoy very much. But, my mind is to wrapped up in obsessing and planning my future to enjoy the amazing blessings in my life right now.

I’m starting to fully realize that life does not work out the way we plan it. In fact, most of the time it ends up even better.




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