Girls and horror movies

I have watched more horror movies in the last 8 months of dating my boyfriend than I ever have in my entire life.

In the beginning months of our relationship I watched the movies just so I could be close to him. Now I watch the movies out of morbid curiosity.

Two days ago my boyfriend and I  were deciding on a movie to watch together. I suggested a horror movie. Being the nice guy that he is he tried to talk me out of watching the movie. I stubbornly reassured him that I WANTED to watch the movie.

So, we decided on watching the movie Wrong Turn. It’s about a group of young adults stuck in the mountains of West Virginia who are being chased by a bunch of mis shaped cannibals. The men catch, hack and eat most of the characters in the movie. I can proudly say I actually kept my eyes open for most of the movie.

West Virginia and Broadcasting:

If you read my blog post yesterday you know that I had a second interview yesterday for a full time job. After the second interview I found out that the position I was interviewing for was door to door sales.

I was assigned a salesman to shadow for the day. By the middle of the day the salesman asked me what I thought of the job.

I took a deep breath and told him the truth. I said,”I honestly have no desire to be a salesperson, I just want to be a reporter.”

I was most certainly not expecting his response. He said,  “Me too!” It turns out that he had been a broadcast journalist for almost 10 years and was between jobs. I could hardly believe my luck! We went to lunch and he proceeded to give me details about his glamourous reporting career.

When I asked him for advice on how to start my career he said that I should start looking for broadcasting jobs in West Virginia. I immediately froze in my seat. West Virginia? I have to move there? The state where inbreeding takes place and hideous human beings roam around and kill people!

Did I really want to be a broadcaster that badly? I decided yesterday that I am going to think long and hard before I take a broadcasting job in West Virginia.


One thought on “Girls and horror movies

  1. LOL! I HATE scary movies… I didn’t always though, once upon a time (when I was younger) I used to love them! NOW? Well my heart can’t take it! Even if the movie is stupid or boring and predictable to the point of being close to a comedy… I will find that ONE thing that was somewhat scary, and convince myself that not only CAN it happen… but it WILL happen and to me!

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