Top 5 signs you just might be dating a “bro”

When I hear the word bro the first thing that comes to mind is diamond studded ears, flat brimmed hats and white tees. Along those same lines I think of tan jacked arms, beer and fist bumping. At this point you probably have a clear idea of the type of male I am describing.

This kind of guy can easily be found on any college campus across the U.S. I was recently reading a Glamour article that gave girls an idea that they were dating a “hipster”. This inspired me to write a blog post giving the top 5 signs that you just might be dating a bro.

1.He owns more than 5 different flat brimmed hats that he wears EVERYWHERE

2.Every other sentence he says contains the word chill.

3.His taste in alcohol is limited to Natty Light and Budweiser

4.He fist bumps you ALL THE TIME

5.Spends a ridiculous amount of money on clothes and obsesses over his appearance

And if you would like to know if you are dating a hipster check out this article:

8 Ways to Tell If You’re Dating a Hipster: Smitten: Sex, Love & Life:

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