7 things I’ve learned from attending wedding showers

A few days ago I was in Target desperately clutching at a friend’s wedding registry. As I looked down at the items on the list I began to panic,

A rush of negative thoughts invaded my brain. “The only thing on this registry I can currently afford are dish towels. What kind of friend am I if I buy dish towels?”

An hour later I decided on a perfectly suitable gift within my price range. Excited, I grabbed my gift and headed home. Now the exciting part came-wrapping my present. This is the first thing on my list of things that I have learned from attending wedding showers.

1. Wedding shower gifts are incredibly hard and awkward to wrap. Whether the gift is a large cooler or a box of t.v. trays no matter what you purchase for that shower it WILL be hard to wrap.

2.Most couples register at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target so when you attend the shower all of the gift wrapping will inevitably be the same.

3.The bride to be ALWAYS breaks at least two or three ribbons while unwrapping her gifts. (Guess that means lots of babies for her!)

4.It doesn’t matter what gift you buy you will feel lame buying it.It’s hard to feel awesome about buying pots and pans.

5. Friends and family feel compelled to ooh and awe at every gift the bride opens. No matter what it is. Kitchen towels? How lovely!

6.If you are attending the shower as time progresses you decide you want to get married-next week just so you can have a shower. I mean who wouldn’t want a new Keuring, fondue set or awesome looking shower curtain?

7.The bride to be is always glowing.

In the past couple of months I’ve had the honor of attending a few beautiful wedding showers.  The most important thing I have observed about bridal showers is just how lucky the couples are to have such wonderful friends and family supporting them.

A shower is a place where people gather to honor the couple getting married. I consider myself fortunate to already attended a few. I look forward to the showers in the future and of course someday my very own.

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