Boyfriends: 8 tips to keeping your girl happy

Most men will agree that women are quite strange creatures. They can’t seem to understand why we behave the way we do.

As a female in a very happy relationship I am here to help males understand us strange females a bit better. Listed below are just a few tips to keeping the woman in your life happy.

1.Call or text when you say you will. I cannot tell you how much this means to a girl. Girls love to know that you are thinking about them. That said guys text your girl throughout the day even if just to say, “I love you.”

2.Don’t forget to ask your girl how her day was. Females love to talk, that’s how we truly connect with you. So,if you want a happy girlfriend ask about her day and truly LISTEN.

3.Watch her favorite chick flick. It’s pretty obvious that girls and guys have different tastes in what they watch. Most girls enjoy a good chick flick. But, they would enjoy it even more if their guy watched it with them-without complaining.

4.Take her out at least once a month. Girls love to get dressed up and go out. Even if you’ve been dating for years remember to ask your girl out on a date every once and awhile.

5.Listen to her friend drama. This may sound like I am asking a lot, but it’s really important. Most girls have some kind of drama occurring in their life. And sometimes the best solution to that drama is venting it to their boyfriend.

6.Cuddle without expecting anything else. (This one is pretty self explanatory.)

7.Take an interest in her passions. Even if your girl is into something you would never take an interest in it’s important for you to pay attention to her passions. Just simply listening to her talk about her interests makes a world of difference.

8.Be sensitive. If your girl is having a rough day or going through a difficult time don’t joke around. Be mature and be there for her.



2 thoughts on “Boyfriends: 8 tips to keeping your girl happy

  1. I can only speak for myself but “Call or text when you say you will” importance on WHEN YOU SAY YOU WILL is one of the most important…. we understand if your having a busy day/week and work and/or school is kicking you while your down and spitting in your eye. So if the day goes by and we don’t hear from you we might be worried but we know it happens. Now if you SAY you’re going to call and you don’t and don’t even offer an explanation why- well then I start thinking you’re a liar and unreliable.

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