Midlife crisis vs. quarter life crisis

When I hear the words midlife crisis I think of a very large man in a leather jacket zooming around on a motorcycle. I’ve heard this phrase many times throughout my life. It wasn’t until I became an adult that I finally realized what it meant. 

You see, a person does not have to been middle aged to have a crisis. In fact, I’ve heard a rather new term floating around lately and that is the quarter life crisis. The quarter life crisis consists of a lot confusion and frustration. It usually occurs right after a twenty-something graduates from college. Recent grads start asking themselves the bigger questions of life like: Who am I? What am I good at? What job is going to make me happy on a daily basis? And those are just a few! 

I can certainly say that I have gone through the quarter life crisis. So, to help myself navigate through this tricky time I consulted one of my favorite bloggers. Her name is Lauren. She recently just wrote about the quarter life crisis in the blog below! 

I Think I’m Having a Quarterlife Crisis.

I asked Lauren if I could interview her and she most graciously agreed! Here are the answers Lauren gave me to the questions I asked. I hope you enjoy! 

Christina: You graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism what was your plan for after graduation? 

Lauren:I knew even before graduation that I didn’t want to be a reporter, even though that was what I learned how to do in school. I was hoping to use my skills either in another aspect of TV (more entertainment-based work) or in a behind-the-scenes capacity. I didn’t even think about writing at all, that came about roughly a year or so after graduation. I firmly believe that you should never think that you’re “stuck” in one career path. A lot of the people I admire most have had several different “mini careers” throughout their lives, and I hope I can do that too. I think in college we’re taught that you have to pick a major and stick with it, but real life doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes you start a job, find out you’re interested in something else, and shift career goals entirely.

C: When you were little what was your dream job?

L:When I was little I loved performing and writing. I was always writing little stories and putting on shows. For a while I wanted to be a pop star/music video director (quite the combo). Then I realized I had no real vocal talent, so I decided to focus my energy elsewhere!

C:Where do you get the inspiration for your blogs?

L:I try to be really honest and open in my blogs, so the inspiration comes from things I’m experiencing in my own life. If I’m dealing with a career crisis or a relationship/friendship issue, I’ll talk about that. I try not to reveal every gory detail, but I think it’s important to be truthful. I’ve found that the posts I’m most honest about are the ones that get the best response from people. Chances are, if I’m thinking it then someone else is too. That’s why I love blogging so much. It’s great to interact with other people and exchange ideas. I’ll also base some of my writing off of what I talk about with my friends. If I come across an interesting article during my daily Internet travels then I’ll link to that. I always write down ideas in my phone, because I’ll get inspired at random times. I’m a big fan of e-mailing myself too. You can’t let a good idea go to waste because you forgot what it was two hours later!

C:Describe yourself in three words.

L:Three words to describe me: driven, empathetic, imaginative. I can pick all positive traits, right? =)

C:What advice would you give to twenty-somethings experiencing the quarter life crisis?
L:Ah, yes. The quarter life crisis. I’m definitely going through it, and I know many other people my age are too. It’s incredibly stressful trying to find something you’re passionate about while you simultaneously try to make enough money to live on and maybe also please your parents. Believe me, I get it. I wish I had a simple solution, because then I’d just do that and we wouldn’t be having this conversation. I’ve found a couple of things that have helped though. 1.) Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. When you go on Facebook or overhear conversations, it may seem like everyone else has it all figured out. Trust me, they don’t. Just because you’re not doing exactly what you’d imagined for yourself when you were in high school, doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong. Be patient with yourself and allow time to get to where you want to be. It’ll happen. You’re young and there’s plenty of time to switch careers, move, and do other fun and exciting things. Nothing you do now is set in stone. 2.) Small steps count. This is something I’m slowly starting to realize. So maybe you can’t land your dream job right now, but you can do something you like. You can take an internship. You can pick up a new hobby. I’m all about doingsomething, and taking small steps instead of being upset that you can’t make huge leaps right away. 

You can check out more of Lauren’s awesome blog posts at:lifewithlauren.com!








I Think I’m Having a Quarterlife Crisis.

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