Moving to NYC

New York. Washington D.C. Chicago.  

Those are just a few of the cities that I have wanted to live in for the past few years. Most twenty-somethings I know have an aching desire to leave their hometown at some point in their lives.

There are many reasons twenty-somethings get the itch to move. Some want a change, others believe that their hometown “sucks” and is boring.

Being from Cleveland I’ve heard more complaints about the city than I care to. A few years ago I was bound and determined to make it to NEW YORK CITY. I thought that all of my wildest dreams would come true if I ventured out to this magical, glamourous place.

And then I graduated with no job and student loans and realized that I was not going to be making it out to NYC anytime soon.

I began exploring my hometown a bit more. I figured I might as well since I would be staying here for awhile. After a lot of exploring I found that I actually liked my hometown. I was no longer one of the many twenty-somethings that needed to “get the hell out”.

My attitude has completely changed about staying home. My friends and family are here. I love the metro parks and Lake Erie. Cleveland is my HOME.

I still have a very deep desire to travel and explore new places. But, for now I am satisfied with staying home.


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