Work, Eat, Sleep…….

Every morning I make the long trek from car to the the place I work. I stop at the Starbucks across the street, say hello to the baristas and order my grande carmel coffee. I then take my coffee and rush off to work. 

Once inside I set my coffee onto my desk and begin to take off my coat and turn on my computer. I check my e-mails and then wait patiently for my boss to stop in for our morning chat. This is my morning routine. Everyone has a morning routine. 

What is yours? 

I have been working full time now for six months.This is my very first job right out of college. There have been ups and downs along with many learning experiences. The one thing I can say that I learned very quickly however, was that the newness and exciting aspect of getting a job wears off. Your job suddenly becomes, well a job. 

I spend over 40 hours a week in a small office. I also learned how easy it is to lose your passion for life or sense of creativity while working. It is hard to work 40 plus hours a week and stay motivated and excited about life. It is easy, however, to get stuck in a rut and stop pursuing the career you were truly meant to be in. (I am still figuring that one out!)

I would love to go back to these days. Things were MUCH less complicated.

Most of the time I come home from work and the only thing I want to do is sleep and eat. I fight the urge and make myself go running. I feel like I have hit my midlife crisis at the age of 23. So, that is why I am re-dedicating myself to writing this blog. 

I DO NOT want to lose my passion or crazy love for life and I most certainly DO NOT want to get stuck in a rut. I will begin the wonderful process of blogging again. So, if you would like to join me on my crazy journey of learning how to balance a career, a love life, social life and finding time in there to run like a maniac, I would encourage you to read my blog. 

I plan on using this blog to invite people into my crazy, life on a daily basis. 

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