Because I said I Would

I love meeting inspiring and motivated people, there is just something about them that is contagious. Alex Sheen, founder of because I said I would is certainly one of those people.

Alex’s father passed away early this past September from lung cancer. The one thing that Alex specifically remembers about his father is that he always kept his word.

“If my father said he was going to do something, he would do it,” said Sheen. So, in order to keep his father’s memory alive and encourage other’s to keep their promises as well, Sheen created because I said I would.

The way because I said I would works is simple. If you e-mail Alex, your name, address and a promise you would like to keep he will send you 10 because I said I would cards. The next part is up to you. You must write down your promise and give the card to someone who will hold you accountable to your promise.

Alex said that “social motivator’s” work really well at getting people to go through with their promises. “If you write down a promise you would like to keep and give it to someone else, you are more likely to keep that promise.” Alex also encourages people to take pictures of their promise cards and share them via social media.

Ideally, Sheen would like to take his organization to a national level. He believes his big break is right around the corner. “I would love to get my message and story onto Ellen if I could,” said Sheen.

I wrote Alex over a month ago, and asked him to send me a card reminding me to sign up for another marathon. I received my cards within a few days.


Alex is an active participator in his own movement. He has recently committed to sleeping outside for two weeks! (I video taped his make shift home, check back soon to find out more!) After Hurricane Sandy hit, Sheen raised $7,000 for relief efforts.

If Alex Sheen says he will do something, you better believe he will.

If you would like more information visit his website at:

2 thoughts on “Because I said I Would

  1. I think they’re porking up so they can suvvrie the coming food shortage. Kinda like bears do before they hibernate over the winter. Seriously, though, Alex doesn’t hire people that are already on his side because he doesn’t want anyone questioning the ethics of his advertisers. He wants people that he can train to follow his agenda without question and he likes having other fatties around so he can refrain from focusing on his own shortcomings. I like the guy, but he ain’t Jesus.

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