Man Code

I just learned about a  commonly used phrase amongst men. That phrase would be, “man laws”. I was in a conversation with a few co-workers when the topic came up. Someone said something like,”That’s against the man law.”

I, of course had to ask what this “man law” term meant. It was explained to me that a man law is a sort of unwritten code of laws or rules that men must abide by. I was stunned. Women certainly did not seem to have a set of unwritten rules they must live by.

The first law I learned about was about holidays and sports games. I was told that it is expected that most men after a holiday meal, should be found in the family room watching sports. It would be strange to find a man in the kitchen or living room chatting with the women.

The next law I learned about was getting food for your significant other at a backyard barbeque. I was told that under no circumstances was I supposed to put together a plate of food for my boyfried, because this would embarass him.

These unwritten rules or laws seemed silly and petty to me. I certainly do not live by anybody else’s rules but my own. I was shocked to learn that there were cetain rules men had to adhere to. I say men should do what they want  screw the so called rules.

What other unwritten rules are there for men? Are there rules for women? Do you think these rules are fair?

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