Girls asking Guys on dates

DSCF0803The room was dark and crowded, and the music blaring from the concert below was almost deafening. I leaned in closer to the stranger sitting next to me. I had him only moments before. He was tall, with dark hair and very distinct facial features. His name was Seth, he greeted me at his friends personal lounge with a large, welcoming smile. I was immediately attracted to him.

My friend and I walked into the lounge, grabbed drinks and sat down to watch the concert. But, I had no interest in the Kid Cudi concert happening below me. All I could think about was the handsome guy that had greeted me at the door. My eyes kept wandering all over the room in desperate attempts to find him. After enough searching our eyes finally met. He made his way down to where I was sitting.

After we introduced ourselves, I don’t think the conversation stopped. I was totally taken with this guy. He was gorgeous, funny, super talkative (just like me)-I just had to have his number. I HAD to see him again. The concert was nearing an end, my heart started to pound like crazy. Should I ask him for his number?

I took the plunge and asked him for his number first. I had to. I could not chance loosing the opportunity to see this guy again. Almost a year and a half later, I’m still dating the guy I met at that concert and I could not be happier.

Girls Asking:

When I retell this story to my girlfriends the response is often the same. I’ve heard over and over again, “That was bold!” It was a bold move, but NOT because I was a female. I happen to believe that there is nothing wrong with girls asking a guy out. I figured the worst that could happen would be that he would say no.

I would like to believe we are past the days, where girls have to sit and wait for a guy to ask them out. I was really interested in my current boyfriend and wanted to see him again. So, I asked for his number.

Most of the guys I talk to say, that they would greatly appreciate it if a girl asked for their number. It takes the pressure off of them. I did, and it certainly worked for me.

So, girls this one is for you. If you see a guy and you want to talk to him, go for it.

Girls, would you feel comfortable asking for a guy’s number? Guys how would you feel if a girl asked for your number?

6 thoughts on “Girls asking Guys on dates

    1. I just wanted to say how much we eeojynd your production of As You Like it last night. It was the first time we have been to Mount Ephraim Gardens and the experiance was worth getting wet and cold for! Our feelings went out to the performers having to cope with the wind and rain, they managed brilliantly. We felt that the ducks and the dog added a certain realistic theme to the play in the woods.’ Well done everyone who was part of it, thank you. Chris King

    1. Thank you! I def think everybody’s approach to dating is completely different. I’ve done both, and find both approaches useful. I just like trying new things, and this approach happened to work for me!

      1. – Hey Able,Nice set. Reading about having to get above all the coorrctgnees\’ hands and cameras I can\’t help but comment. I didn\’t know that was you standing behind me. In your first frame here I\’m the tall guy bottom left frame do you remember those hands getting in your way? LOLI\’m Roy Niswanger been a member on TPF for several years and I run motleypixel.comCheers,Roy

      2. Not to sure what you are talking about here. I don’t know either of the girls in those images. I just grabbed the pictures off of google images to use them in the post.

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