10 things I learned about love in 2012

1. The world needs lots more of it.

2. I can’t think of anything more fabulous than being in love.

3. You can be “in love” with more than a person. I am.

4. In regards to number 3, I am in love with the high I feel after an exhausting run.

5. True love often involves sacarifice.

6. Although being in love is fabulous, it is not fabulous all the time.

7. It’s easy to make love conditional.

8. Learning to love yourself, may sound cliche-but it truly is important.

9. I always associate love with the color red.

10. I have an enourmous amount of love for people, and am not quite sure how to demonstrate it sometimes.

What have you learned about love in 2012? Share your thoughts with me!

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