There is Still Beauty in This Ugly World

When tragedies like today’s shooting in Connecticut happen its difficult to keep having faith in the human race. It’s very easy to give up hope and see the world as a scary, dark place. Unfortunately, there is much truth to that last statement. But, being the ever optimist, I always try and see the good in every situation no matter how bleak.

I feel quite helpless when it comes to everything going on in Connecticut, and I hate feeling that way. So, I decided to write this blog post to share with everyone a few of the websites I go to that demonstrate that love for humanity is still alive and well. Some of the things I am posting are simple as inspirational blogs I read, and others provide ways for people to share a little more love with the world. Either way, I hope you find these blogs and websites inspirational. I know I do.

All the positive people in the world need to gather together at times like these more than ever, and pour out love on those that are hurting the most.

Lovelogoblack-e1345303131228This first website writes hand written love letters to people all over. Everyone could use a little more love, and the founder of this project, Hannah Brencher and her team have set out to do just that.

I’ve interviewed Alex Sheen before, but his non-profit because I said I would is truly amazing. He works hard everyday to keep his promises and help others do the same. You can check his work out here:

Lastly, I have never met a more loving and inspirational person other than Liz Ferro. Liz encourages young girls to use sports to change their lives in a positive way. You can find her here:

Obviously, these are just a FEW of many amazing people in the world. I just have to remind myself that there is still beauty and love in the world despite all the negativity.

How do you deal with tragedies like today? Do you have any websites that you go to that are motivating or inspirational? Please share!

2 thoughts on “There is Still Beauty in This Ugly World

  1. AbhayJivan ka ek kathor satya hai ki humhe Ishwar ne in sab buryiao ko rokne ke liye hi banaya parantu manushya hi in muskil halat ko pida kerta hai or ulajhne ke baad usi Ishwar se prarthna kerta hai ki hey Ishwar..“देखो तुमने कैसी दुनिया बनाई है! यहाँ दुःख और दर्द के सिवा कुछ नहीं है! हर तरफ खूनखराबा और नफरत है! हे ईश्वर! ऐ मेरे भगवान तुम कुछ करते क्यों नहीं!?”..

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