Where is Jesus in this Tragedy?

I was raised in a Christian home. I was taught to seek Jesus and pray for everything. As a twenty-something, I took a much needed step back from my faith. I can’t say that I am no longer a Christian. I’m simply wandering in a nomad’s land.

I am ambivalent when it comes to religion. Jesus, Christianity, and the church have become unfamiliar to me. Back in high school, no one would have ever guessed this. I had what seemed to be a rock solid faith.


The shootings in Connecticut have left me even more confused. Everyone keeps posting about all the prayers they are sending. Where are they sending these prayers and why? It doesn’t seem that they are going anywhere. My faith has probably reached an all time low.

I have nothing against Christianity and people who believe in Jesus, I just wish I could understand the faith that so many people have.

So, I ask you, where is Jesus in this tragedy?

2 thoughts on “Where is Jesus in this Tragedy?

  1. Just ignore them. The sedner is trying to trick you into giving them your credit card number. Delete the emails. And if you get any more, delete them without opening them.experience

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