Letter to parents of a Twenty Something

When adults over the age of 30 hear how much I pay in student loans each month they gasp. I truly enjoy the look of horror on their faces. They just can’t believe that my student loans are over $500 a month.

I just smile and nod my head. That’s just one of the challenges that being a twenty-something in 2012 brings. On top of huge loans, its extremely difficult to find a job.

Because most twenty-somethings are in enormous amounts of debt and are having trouble finding jobs, it’s next to impossible to move out of our childhood homes. This means that we can’t really “start” our lives.

The dreams and passions that we have are put on hold, just so we can make ends meet.

Just moving out on my own is a daunting though. I have a full time job that I work very hard at,but I don’t see much of the money I make.It usually goes towards student loans or my savings account.

This post really isn’t news to anyone my age. I am really writing this blog to parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who have twenty-somethings in their lives. Don’t judge us because we have not moved out of the house yet. Don’t judge us because we complain about our jobs. (Chances are we are working jobs we don’t like just to get by.)

Give us some time. I promise we really will figure it all out.


7 thoughts on “Letter to parents of a Twenty Something

  1. Oh my word Christina, I completely identify with EVERY word. This is truly the current story of my life. All praise & glory to God for how I make it by each month. He is the source of my provision. I was surprised when I began working at Starbucks to learn how many of my co-workers have also have BA & even some MA yet are serving coffee like me.

  2. I truly feel bad for all you twenty somethings who have graduated with huge loans and are unemployed or underemployed. It used to be that a college grad could find a decent job and pay back reasonable loans. But a series of bad decisions made by the people we voted into office has nearly destroyed our economy and country. It’s going to be a very long time before we can dig out of this mess. I feel horrible that my generation has saddled your generation with such enormous debt. It is very wrong. Half of this country did not want to do that to you, but I apologize for those in my generation who voted it in. My prayer is that there are enough moral young people who will someday turn this country around back to how it was supposed to function. I believe good will win out in the end, even though all of us will suffer along the way. Please don’t ever give up because you were made for greatness!

  3. I didn’t know that job situation is not better in USA. I’m from Germany. In 2009, when I graduated, it was really hard to find a job in Germany. I was very lucky that I’ve found a job in a nice company after my internship there. At the moment the job situation isn’t better, even worse. So I’m glad that I’m no graduate anymore. It’s easier to find a job with working experience. But how can you get working experience when no company give you a chance?

    Don’t give up.There is a job waiting for you and you will find it! Maybe it’s a job you don’t expect now. I’ve never expected doing Marketing for a software company. Well, life’s funny.

    All the best for you!

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