Facebook Laws for Boyfriends and Husbands

Most relationships seem to have unwritten laws that govern them. Boyfriends just “know” that getting drinks with an ex is an absolute NO! The rules of the relationship sort of develop naturally as the relationship progresses.

But, what about rules for social media? Social media seems to be a vast wilderness of freedom for guys in relationships. Every time I am catching up with a girlfriend we end up talking about our boyfriend’s inappropriate Facebook behavior. So, in light of these conversations, I decided to write my own “laws” for boyfriends and husbands. Girlfriends, and wives, do you agree with these laws? Would you add some of your own?

Facebook Laws for boyfriends and husbands:
1.Do not “like” or comment on photos of provocative girls who are NOT your girlfriend or wife.

2.It is not appropriate to only post pictures of you and your dudes partying. No pictures of you and your girl make it look like you are single.

3.Do not under any circumstances message your Ex without your current girlfriend/wife knowing about it.

4.Don’t post flirty comments on other girls profiles where everyone else can see it.

5.If you are in a relationship with a girl, POST it on Facebook. It does matter to her.

These are just a few rules I thought of, I’m sure there are more. That said, there are rules that apply to girls as well. So, men what kind of rules does your girl need to abide by?


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