Five Ways You Know You are Getting Older

I went out for an old college friends birthday a few days ago. We gethered to dance and drink like we used to in college.

There were a few things I noticed that were different from when we used to go out in college.

1. I wore tights underneath my dress and wore a winter coat to the bars. Normally, I would wear a skimpy outfit with no tights and I would leave the jacket in my car. This year was different. I did not care about flaunting my adorable new outfit-I just wanted to BE WARM.

2. I was tired before 12:00 and exhausted the day after. In college I could stay out until 3:00 in the morning and wake up at 9:00 a.m. the next day.

3. Our conversations were centered on work and who was engaged, married or pregnant. In college, we usually didn’t talk much about anything. We were to busy dancing the night away.

4. Speaking of dancing, I was sore the next day. I danced like crazy a few Saturdays ago, but this time I woke up feeling stiff and sore! That never used to happen.

5. It was also more difficult to get a group together to go out. In college, everyone was up for a night out.

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