I’m a health nut, get over it

The title of this blog post may seem a bit harsh, but before you judge it, let me explain. It’s really no secret that I love living a very healthy lifestyle. I am a marathon runner and vegetarian by choice. Eating healthy and running a crazy amount is certainly not any easy feat. They are choices I make everyday.

When people find out I run marathons, they often ask me questions like,”Why would you ever run that far?”, “Why would anyone want to do that?”, etc. These questions seem innocent but, they really have an effect on me. I put my heart and soul into running and training, and questions like those can come across very demeaning.

The same thing happens when people find out I am a vegetarian, who doesn’t enjoy sweets. People say things like,”You’re already skinny, why don’t you eat more?” “You’re not really living, you’re missing out on so much.”

These are just two simple examples of how judgmental we can be as human beings. I’m most certainly not perfect. I make judgements on people all the time without realizing it.

Everybody should be able to be themselves without fear of judgement or unnecessary comments.

Simply put-we need to be aware of what we say and how it affects others.


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