You don’t have to get married

The older I get the more I realize that a person’s life is marked by stages. There’s grade school, middle school, high school and college. Once you have graduated from college, the real “stages” begin.

There seems to be a certain pattern and right way to do it all. Your supposed to land your first adult job. After you have worked at that job for a few years, most people become engaged. After engagement comes the wedding, then children and so on. Getting a job, becoming engaged and getting married are all wonderful things. But, based on many conversations with friends my age I’ve started to see a pattern arise.

We put these timelines on our lives, such as: I must have a full time job by 23, be engaged by 25 and married by 27. That is just one example. I’ve spoken with many 20 somethings, including myself who put unnecessary pressure on ourselves.

According to me there are NO HAVE TO’s when it comes to this crazy, wonderful life, especially if you are a 20 something in 2013. Our generation is open minded and and hopefully less judgmental than others.

So, I have decided to compose a list of things 20 somethings DON’T HAVE TO DO, but somehow put pressure on themselves to achieve by a certain age.

1. Get married by 30. You can get married at 50 if you want, heck you don’t have to get married at all.

2. Have children. If you want them, that’s wonderful, if you don’t well, that’s awesome as well.

3. Get a full time job by 23, 24 etc. Let’s face it if you graduated college from 2007 on the economy has sucked. If you are still a Sbux barista, bar tender, waitress etc. that’s OK!

4. Move out of your parents house. I still live at home and it rocks.

5. Your life doesn’t have to be figured out. In fact, I think you really start to figure out life in your 20’s.

I would argue the only thing you “have” to do, is figure out what makes you happy and go after it. Sometimes that journey is not easy.

Have you ever felt pressure to accomplish anything by a certain age?


2 thoughts on “You don’t have to get married

  1. This is the state of mind I find myself in too. Maybe our generation is just trying to break away from the guidelines set forth by our parents and grandparents.

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