In Defense of Taylor Swift

For some reason everyone seems to be hating on T. Swift lately. I’m not here to discuss the quality of her music, because quite frankly I don’t care. I know nothing about music.

Her music makes me smile and that’s all I really care about.

What I would like to discuss instead is her dating life. Everyone is calling her a slut for dating so many guys. I would like to point out that she is a young, beautiful twenty-something. The last time I checked she is just “talking” to a variety of different guys. That’s the word our generation uses for casually dating a guy. It’s the step before becoming official.

In college, I “talked” to a few guys at a time. I went on plenty of dates and had a blast. No one ever said anything to me. It seems to me that Taylor is doing the same thing. I see nothing wrong with it.

She’s young and having fun. Dating multiple guys does not make her a SLUT.


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