Becoming a Broadcast Journalist

As a junior in college I decided to write down my life goals and laminate them. I have always been a very driven person. I thought that if I wrote down my goals and Imagehad them laminated I would certainly achieve them. 

The years wore on and eventually I lost my laminated goals, until recently. I found them as I was cleaning out boxes in my room. I read the goals I had written only two years ago and here is what I found: 

Long Term Goals: 

1. Run the NYC and Boston Marathon in 3:20. 

2. Find Him. (The Man I want to someday marry.) 

3. Have a house with two kids and a dog. 

4. Become a broadcast journalist for a major network  such as CBS, NBC, CNN or ABC 

5. Be a print journalist for the NY Times. 

6. Live in NYC. 

7. Run for some kind of office. 

My goals have drastically changed. I no longer want to be a broadcast journalist for a major network. I don’t want to be a print journalist for the NY Times either. Two years ago I was DEAD SET on these two goals in particular. I’m not to sure about moving to NYC either. 

It’s funny how time changes things. I’ve learned a few things from reading my old goals. The things I want in life are constantly changing. What I thought would make me happy 2 years ago is completely different today. 

I have, however, checked off number two on my list. 😉 The rest of the goals are still in progress. 

Have your life goals changed as you’ve gotten older? Have they stayed the same? Do you write down your goals? 

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