Twenty-Something and Homeless

Heartbreak, paying back student loans, and finding a job are just some of the worries most twenty-somethings deal with on a daily basis.

I have certainly experienced each of these problems at some point in my life, but I have never experienced being homeless. As a frequent reader of news, I stumbled across an article that stood out out to me.

I found the article on the Cleveland Plain Dealer’s website. The article gave the details of homeless youth. I did not realize that there was a large group of people ages 18-24 living in the streets! I guess I always just assumed that homeless people were older. It was hard for me to imagine twenty-somethings without a place to live.

Being homeless certainly made my problems pale in comparison. I posted the article at the top of this page.

Where you aware that people in their 20’s were homeless? How does this make you feel? Is there anything we can do to help?

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