In Defense of Your Crazy Girlfriend

It has come to my attention that almost all boyfriends call their ex girlfriends or current girlfriends “crazy” at some point in the relationship.

Here is an example, “Dude, my ex was crazy, or “I’m glad I broke up with my last girlfriend, she was crazy!”

My blog post today is dedicated to explaining why girls become or act “crazy”. Although, I must say that crazy is a strong word. I do not believe we act crazy per say. I would a different word.

Girls are typically called crazy when they check Facebook, go through their boyfriends phone, send multiple text message or call repeatedly. I would argue that these behaviors are NOT crazy. There are perfectly explainable reasons for why we do these things.

We act crazy because we care. I think what boyfriends have failed to see is how much we CARE. We love our boyfriends. Sometimes our actions seem dramatic. But, if your girlfriend is going through your phone or your messages it just means that she wants to know that she has ALL of you.

She is so in love with you that the thought of losing you to someone else is beyond devastating. In all honesty, you should take it as a compliment, she really, really cares about you.

So, boyfriends the next time you catch your girl going through your stuff or asking you multiple questions, take a deep breath and give her a break.

*I must put a disclaimer on this post: There are most certainly crazy girlfriends out there who are snooping through their boyfriends stuff without a good motive or reason. This post is not for those girls. This post is also not for boyfriends who are really cheating and make their girlfriends crazy.

I wrote this piece to explain why good girlfriends sometimes act a bit crazy.

So, what do you think? Girls do you ever go through your guy’s stuff? Guys, how do you react when you find out your girl went through your stuff?

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