Core Beliefs of Christianity

After yesterday’s blog post I received a good amount of comments and feedback. Most of the comments were encouraging. I discovered that many of my readers have struggled with questions similar to mine.

I did receive a few comments I wanted to address. It was brought to my attention that the things I listed were NOT core beliefs of Christianity. After giving it some thought, I realized this was probably true. I cannot profess to be an expert on theology. It was pointed out to me that the topics I was discussing were closer to legalism and not true Christianity.

One of my favorite things about writing is the feedback you receive as a writer. I learned a lot from the comments on my Facebook wall. The most encouraging comments I read were actually from strong Christians themselves.

My personal Christian experience has been filled with legalistic ideas. So, I realize it is not fair to say that all Christians and Christian ideas are this way.

It is my hope that I can someday experience the Jesus and the Christianity that many of my readers seem to know so well.

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