Evolution of the Twenty-Something

I recently noticed something very interesting about our generation of twenty-somethings. Adults in their 20’s are on many different paths to becoming “true adults”.

I kind of see it as an evolution of sorts. On one end of the chart there is the 24 year old who is still in party mode, not yet ready to settle down, and on the farthest end of the chart there is the 24 year old who is married with kids. There is a very wide range to the type of twenty somethings out there today.

Listed below are just a few of the types of twenty-somethings I have noticed.

1.Homopartyus. This twenty something has not yet graduated from college. This person enjoys the college lifestyle so much they have decided to NEVER graduate.

2.Homogradus. The new grad finally finished college and is starting to look for a job. This twenty something is not quite out of his or her college ways and doesn’t know what they want out of life. Going out, having fun, and friends are very much still a large part of this person’s lifestyle.

3.Homosinglus. The single twenty something is dating a whole variety of people. This person has a steady job they enjoy, but they just can’t seem to find the right person to settle down with.

4.HomoMonogamous. This twenty something is in a steady relationship, but not yet engaged. They probably live with their significant other or are very close to moving in together. They are happy in love.

5.Homospouseus. The married twenty something was lucky enough to fall in love at a young age and miss out on all the heart break dating in your 20’s can bring.

6.Homoparentus. The twenty-something parent has a house, two cars and a child. They can officially be deemed as the most responsible of the twenty-somethings.

7.Homoinbeteweenus. The in between twenty something has a full time job, but lives at home. This person may be single or in a relationship. They have not quite yet ventured out on their own. This person values family and living at home.

8.Homosatisfiedus. This type of twenty something has their shit figured out. They have a good job and are in a decent relationship.

9.Homocareerus. A strong career is the most important thing to this person. Climbing the corporate ladder is the only thing on this person’s mind. They have a goal in mind and will not stop until they have achieved it.

These are obviously just a few of the types of twenty somethings out there. Can you relate to any of these? Where do you find yourself?

I guess the point that I am trying to make is that, there is no one path to take as an adult in their 20’s. Do whatever makes YOU happy.


4 thoughts on “Evolution of the Twenty-Something

  1. Always love the Ambrose pics. I gotta meet this guy, he just sends out such fun & positive vibes in all his pics Bring him home with you when you visit next month, lol.

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