Before I started officially dating my boyfriend I watched really scary movies with him. I think we watched the Exorcism of Emily Rose on our second date.

He always asked me before watching the movie if I wanted to. I enthusiastically assured him that I “loved” horror movies. Truth be told-I HATE scary movies. I am probably the biggest scare baby you will ever meet (I still sleep with a night light every night). Something about the movies seem very real to me. I always envision the scariest parts of the movies happening to me.

Anyways, I endured months of scary movies with my boyfriend in the beginning of our relationship. He has since found out that I can’t stand scary movies. I started to wonder why I told him I liked them in the first place. After much thought, it finally hit me-I wanted to be near him.

In the beginning of any relationship everything is new. Both people are testing each other out. I desperately wanted to be near my “potential” boyfriend. Watching a scary movie with him gave me the perfect opportunity to cuddle with him without being awkward about it.

So, there you have it. I lied about liking scary movies to be near the guy I liked. The more scared I became, the closer I leaned into him.

Now that we have been dating for a year and a half, I don’t need any excuses to cuddle with him other than I want to.

Girls, have you ever done anything like this? Guys, how do you get your girlfriends to watch scary movies with you?


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