Someone Talk to Me Please!


It’s no secret that I like to communicate, (it’s part of the reason I have a blog!) I love writing, talking, texting and tweeting. But, unfortunately I have noticed that my verbal communication with people is declining.

I first noticed it when my 72 year old grandmother e-mailed me, instead of calling. You read that right, she e-mailed me. I couldn’t believe it. I started to pay attention to just how much human interaction I wasn’t engaging in during my day.

I compiled a short list of things I noticed:

1. Pumping gas-I can pay at the pump so, I do not have to talk to the gas attendant.

2. Checking books out at the library- The library I go to now has a self checkout. This eliminates my need to speak with anyone.

3. Buying groceries-Again there is a self-checkout line.

4. Getting a movie-You can rent a movie from a convenient, little red box or just buy one on demand. There is no need to drive to a movie store and rent one.

5. Online banking-I can check all of my banking online through an app.

6. Texting-This one really gets me. I rarely talk to my friends on the phone anymore. Gone are the days I would spend hours and hours on end gossiping with a friend about my day. We are all too busy to talk, so we text.

I love technology just as much as the next person. Technology makes our lives easier in many ways, but I would argue that we as humans are forgetting how to communicate.

To prove my point, watch what happens the next time you enter an elevator with someone you don’t know. My guess is that instead of looking you in the eye and saying hello, they will instantly pull out their phone and start checking it for messages.

So, if you happen to run into me in public, talk to me please!

4 thoughts on “Someone Talk to Me Please!

  1. i know what you mean, people are so into technology that when someone actually picks up the phone to call you and doesnt watsapp u or text, you get freaked out. omg, a call. something must be wrong. somethings wrong with us.

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