Never Good Enough

Followers on Social Media

Facebook= 826 friends

Twitter=141 followers

Instagram= 100 followers

Google + = I don’t really know

WordPress= 50 followers

I love the little red notification I get on my phone every time someone likes one of my statuses or blogs. I hurriedly check to see who has liked what I’ve said.

When I post a new blog, I constantly refresh my WordPress app to see how many people have read my blog. The number of people reading my posts depends greatly on the topic I am writing about. It doesn’t matter to me. If there is a low number of people reading my blog that day, I become a bit sad and feel defeated.

These feelings of sadness seem to be even more true when it comes to Twitter. A few weeks ago I was at 90 followers. I couldn’t wait until I reached 100. I finally hit the 100 mark and that wasn’t enough. This week I think I hit around 145. My next goal became 200.

I started to realize how ridiculous I was being. Even if I got a 100,000 followers I would still want more.

Avid users of social media seem to be putting a high value on the number of followers or likes they get. You see it all the time in pop culture. Entertainment news headlines are constantly talking about how many Twitter followers Justin Beiber has compared to everyone else.

I believe this obsession with how popular we are online can become unhealthy. I know it has for me. I thought about taking a complete break from social media, but then I realized if I did that I would lose all of the followers I had worked so hard to gain.

Not everyone cares about how many people like their statuses, instagram photos or tweets. I get that. But, I think there is a very large amount of people who do. On some level, all humans want to be noticed and appreciated. And I believe social media has given us the avenue to do just that.

What do you think? Do you look at the number of people following you on social media sites, or do you not care?

4 thoughts on “Never Good Enough

  1. couldn’t agree with you anymore. i was just reading a post about this in some blog and she pointed a beautiful point. some people are so dependent on number of likes they get to feel happy. I can’t believe people who say if 10000 people like this status i will help charity. what? helping charity only if people like? who knows, maybe 10 years from now mom will post on facebook, if 100 people like my status i will breastfeed my baby.

    1. Such a good pt! I can’t stand it when people do the like thing for charity either! They do it on twitter as well! You should just give to charity without the social media aspect! Plus, it’s drawing attention to the fact that you are giving in the first place!

  2. I think you are correct in your post. People want positive reinforcement and acceptance – social media provides another avenue – is it a healthy avenue or not? Great question – only time will tell. For me it does not matter but I think that is generational – I did not grow up with it so it does not factor in on how I define success in reaching my goals. However, for my daughter and her friends that are growing up with it – how many likes on FB or instagram or twitter followers is part of how they define “success” and it is important to them. I wonder the impact to them long term as all these avenue allow “Instant” gratification and often in life the things worth having (career, relationship, success) take time to grow and develop so will “they” give up and move on if not successful immediately??
    (i.e. no instant gratification).

    1. This is such a good pt. I worry for my generation and future ones as well. You are so right. The younger generations live in a world of constant gratification. The minute we post somehting online, more than likely people are commenting and liking it. If people do not notice what we post, we often end up feeling depressed or disappointed,like I wrote about.

      I also agree that some of the best things in life, a spouse, a fulfilling career etc. take time and a lot of hard work. The more I think about it the more I realize that you are totally on to something. I see this playing out in my own life sometimes, especially in my career. I haven’t even been working in my first full time job for a year, and I am already looking for the fulfillment, gratification, and recognition that comes with years of hard work. I want to climb the ladder before I am ready.

      Thank you for posting this comment. It was honestly so eye opening for me.

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