Are You Successful?

One of my favorite things about blogging is the response I get from my readers. My readers are smart, well-read people with amazing insight and wisdom. So, this post is dedicated to one of the commentors on my last blog post. If you have’nt read it yet, I suggest you go back and read it, the title of the last post is:Never Good Enough. (This post will make more sense if you read that one first.)

The reader pointed out that people in my generation (I think we are millennials) are used to receiving instant gratification because of the large amount of time we spend on social media. He said that the instant gratification we recieve from social media may be detrimental to our definitions of success. Instead of placing value on marriage, careers, family etc. we are more concerned by the amount of Twitter followers we have. We may also be at risk for expecting things to happen to us very qucickly.

I’m not sure what the statistics are, but I would bet that most people ages 13-30 are involved in more than 3 to 5 different forms of social media. Our engagement online has to be affecting us in someway. Until I read one of my reader’s comments I did not realize just how much of an effect social media plays in my daily life.

Disappoinment is not the only thing I am feeling because of my expereince with social media. I realized that I want instant gratification in my relationships and career. I noticed it particularly in my career. I have only been working in my first full time job for 10 months, yet I find myself wanting the privileges and recognition that comes with working for years.

I want the corner office with the windows. I want a staff that reports directly to me. I realize that all of this takes time, but I am becoming impatient with the work and time it will require to get there.

I am not here to say that social media is the sole reason I feel this way. There are definitely other factors that play into it. But, I believe the instant gratification I get from social media does have some bearing on the way I behave.

I seem to be gaining some of my self worth from my presence online. This is obviously unhealthy.

The only conclusion I can come to, is that my generation and the ones to come will have to work extra hard at discovering the true meaning of success.


4 thoughts on “Are You Successful?

  1. very insightful post. No one denies the benefits of social media, but the disadvantages are less talked about. I think facebook is a very important factor for depression. People only posts their success on it and when you see everyone around you achieving so many things you feel you are not happy and unsatisfied.

  2. Very true!!! Sometimes when I follow someone new on Twitter, and I see that they have tons more followers than me, I get jealous. WHY!? Who cares how many followers I have, in the big scheme of things? But to me, it really does define how successful a person is, and it’s a mentality that I need to get out of. In addition to measuring myself to other people and as a result I don’t feel as successful as them, I also have become impatient when I don’t see instant results, like you mentioned in your post. It seems like a vicious circle that we can’t seem to get out of. Great post, though!

  3. Do your homework I agree with you on this in tialtoty Every website owner has to do their home work before choosing an SEO Company A lot of them just talk about the price point and make a decision this can be lethal to their long term plans

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