Break or Break-Up?

My mid week routine is usually the same. I come home from work, take a day off from running, sprawl out on the couch with food, and watch T.V.

Yesterday was no different. As I sat on the couch happily eating my cheese quesadillas, I flipped to a re-run of Friends. (This is probably one of my all time fav. shows.) Normally, Friends makes me laugh and puts me in a fun, relaxed mood. Yesterday’s episode did anything but that for me.

The episode was based on a fight Ross and Rachel were having. Rachel had recently decided that she and Ross needed to “take a break”. Taking a break was different then “breaking up”. Ross went out to a bar one night, got drunk and ended up sleeping with a random girl. Rachel found out he had slept with someone else and was furious.

Ross argued that it was ok to hook up with someone else because they were on a break. Obviously, Rachel didn’t see it that way. The episode ended with the two of them being officially broken up.

After the show I found myself thinking about the difference between taking a break and breaking up. I think that if you take a break you are free to date and go home with anybody you want. In my eyes, Ross did nothing wrong. Rachel didn’t want want to be with him anymore so he pursued someone else.

It doesn’t sound like they talked about what the break actually meant. Ross thought that he was free to do what he wanted and Rachel thought he shouldn’t be seeing other people.

I think Rachel was in the wrong on this one. If she really didn’t want him hooking up with other people than she should have never put them on a break in the first place.

What do you think? Is it fair to see and hook up with other people when you are on a break? What does it mean to take a break?

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