Why Easter is the Best at age 24


I experienced the best Easter of my life on Sunday.

Easter has always been important to my family because of our religious background. Every year is pretty much the same. My family members and I gather around and eat ham and a cake shaped like a bunny for dessert.We huddle together in a large circle, hold hands and pray for the meal. Conversations and laughs are shared. After a few hours, everyone is full and heads home. It’s really nothing out of the ordinary.

Each year I get an Easter outfit. I’ve been doing this since I was born. My grandma really enjoys shopping for me, so she always picks out my outfit. This was the first year she did not by my outfit. I bought it. I purchased a $50 Ann Taylor Dress with my own money.

Buying my own Easter dress for the first time is one of the reasons this past Easter was the best.

I recently moved out on my own.

So, this was the first holiday I celebrated living all by myself. I still went home for Easter, but this time, I after the holiday was over, I headed back to my place. This was a great feeling.

What was the first holiday you experienced on your own? How did it feel?

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