Believe In Cleveland


Where are you from?

I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. I was not always proud of this fact. My attitude has only recently started to change. You see, like most twenty-somethings, I wanted to move away to somewhere cool like LA or NYC. I was convinced that my dreams were to big for my hometown.

I’ve heard many young adults complain about their hometowns. It’s either too small, too boring etc. If you are a twenty something who has done that in the past, STOP. Nothing is being accomplished by bashing your hometown.

I am by no means innocent. I’ve certainly participated in many negative conversations about Cleveland. (They are mostly centered around the weather-it’s just so damn cold. It’s 32 degrees and its APRIL!) But, with age comes wisdom. I started to realize that my home town is pretty awesome. (Besides, in many recent media reports, Cleveland is marked as an “emerging city”. It’s exciting stuff.)

It doesn’t matter where you are from-don’t bash it. If you really don’t like where you live then figure out a way to leave. But, there are people who still live in your hometown and love it.

So, if you visit Cleveland, (please do!) don’t you dare complain. Unless of course it’s 32 degrees.

Oh, and I have to give a shout out to my wonderful boyfriend for this awesome drawing. If you are from Cleveland, you will most certainly understand it.

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