Top 5 Pictures Girls Post on FB and Twitter

As an avid user of social media, I have noticed a few things that I believe all girls post pictures of.


1. Selfies- Girls are notorious for posting pictures of themselves posing and making various versions of the duck face in the mirror. Most of these pictures seem to occur in public restrooms-very strange place to take a picture, if you ask me. Please see my first selfie above for a reference.

2. Animals-Females cannot stay away from posting numerous pictures of their dogs or cats laying in supposedly cute positions on the floor, on the couch or bed.

3. Sbux- I’ve seen many Sbux cups on my newsfeed accompanied by a status about being productive.

4. Flowers from a lover- Almost every girl I know has done this. It’s great to see the extravagant flowers you received from your boyfriend. It only really sucks if you are single, or your bf is not thoughtful.

5. Babies-Almost all females love babies. Whether they are our own or belong to someone else we love to share photos of them.

This list doesn’t really surprise me. It’s kind of a stereotype that women love flowers, puppies, and babies anyways.

Did I miss anything? What do guys usually post pictures of? That list is coming next, don’t worry.

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