Sexually Appropriate?

Note: This is a throwback from college, but I just found it and had to share. The story is still pretty funny. 

A couple of days ago I was running late to one of my classes. Out of breath and in a rush I stumbled into the classroom desperately looking for an open seat. I hate being late because that means you always have to take the seat in the front row that everyone else avoided. 

Anyways, I got lucky and spotted an open seat in the back row. Next to my open seat was a really cute boy. I quickly sat my things on the table and got settled into my seat. By that point the lecture had already started. The guy sitting next to me was openly checking me out. I tried to avoid making eye contact with him at first. I wanted to appear uninterested, kind of like, I had no idea he even existed. 

The opposite was true. I was dying to get a better look at him! Eventually we made eye contact. I gave him the flirtiest look I could muster. (I must admit I’m not really sure how to do this, but I think it has something to do with batting your eyelashes.) Throughout the entire class he kept trying to impress me by answering questions the professor asked. It was really working. I had a hard time focusing on the lecture. The flirting between us continued on pretty steadily for the next hour or so. At the end of my class he reached over and wrote phone number with a question mark by it on my paper. I in turn leaned over and wrote my number with a winky face. (; 

I’m not usually that flirtatious. But, I figured what could it hurt? Besides, I really liked the attention. A couple of minutes later I got a text from the guy. I decided I wouldn’t respond. I wanted to play hard to get. He kept texting me throughout the afternoon. I still ignored his texts. 

Later on that night I went on facebook. We ended up staring a conversation on facebook chat. The conversation was normal for the first few minutes until it got really weird. Things turned awkward when he said, “You were leaning so close to me during class that I thought you were going to nibble on my ear and whisper into it.” 

I have experienced some weird things with guys before but this certainly tops the list. He continued by asking me what I liked to do with body parts. Trying to diffuse him I told him nothing. Clearly, he did not get the point. He continued asking me inappropriate questions. 

This boy had only known me for a few hours. Things started out so well between us. I thought he was cute and I liked his personality. And then he had to ruin it by telling me he wanted me to bite his ear! 
This isn’t the first time I have experienced something like this. It makes me wonder why perfectly normal guys do this? Do they honestly think that girls will respond to this type of treatment? I know I certainly don’t like it. 

What happened to innocent, fun flirting that doesn’t involve sexual innuendos? Maybe I’m to old fashioned. Maybe this has become the norm and I should just accept things the way they are………/: 

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