I Started an Online Dating Profile

Online dating has become a prevalent part of our society. Yet, for some strange reason, people are often ashamed to admit they have started dating online.

People will often refer to their online dating profile as something “they don’t take seriously”, or something they “are just don’t doing for fun”.

I am here to put an end to that nonsense. So, I am putting it out there-I have created an online dating profile, and I am not ashamed. Actually, I am quite excited. I absolutely love meeting new people, so I’m definitely looking forward to the different types of guys I will meet and what adventures these dates will take me on.

That said, I have already noticed some pretty funny dating behaviors on the site I am using. So, of course, I will be sharing some of the things I notice in my blog posts.

So, come back in the next few days, for my next blog post. It will be called,” 5 Things You Should Never Include in Your Profile Picture.” It’s pretty funny stuff I promise.

Good night readers! I can’t wait to share all the good stories, I will be experiencing in the next chapter of my life!

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