Pictures Guys Should Not Post on Dating Sites

I recently joined, and of course I instantly started noticing funny things that guys post on their profiles.

I can’t speak for girls, because I haven’t viewed any girls profiles (I’m open to any of my guy readers that would like to write about the weird pictures girls post on their online profiles)

1. Selfie in the bathroom mirror. I had to put this one first because it is probably my biggest pet peeve. Taking a picture of yourself in the mirror of a bathroom is strange enough to me, but I actually saw urinals in the background of one of the guys on Match. So effing strange.


Plus, the pictures always end up looking like this one-like absolute crap. There is always a glare and no one wants to see what your bathroom looks like. Please stop.

2.Picture of another girl kissing your cheek. This isn’t cool. The whole point of being on a dating site is to meet NEW people. You aren’t making a very good impression if one of your main profile pictures is you with another girl. This should be common sense.

3. Picture of you with three beers in each hand. Not attractive at all. We get it you like to drink and party, nothing about that says stable, awesome boyfriend material.

4. No picture at all. WTH? I’m sorry, call me shallow, but I am not going to date you unless I have an IDEA of what you look like.

5. Shirtless photos. Some girls may argue with me on this one. I don’t like it, because well most of the time the photos aren’t real. Most guys don’t have a 6 pack an biceps-let’s be honest.

These are just observations I’ve made about the photos, don’t get me started on the actual content. Check back in a few days to read my thoughts on the stuff guys post on their profiles.

This online dating thing is proving to be entertaining if anything.

5 thoughts on “Pictures Guys Should Not Post on Dating Sites

  1. Even better are some of the selfie-bathroom pics that girls post. Especially because they’re typically trying to make super sexy “come hither” faces… with a toilet in the background.

  2. Yeh…well the issue is …that men and women think differently, although a photo is important, guys care more about the visual/physical so when they put out an ad, they will talk about physical appearances. While women will ask for the emotional/intellectual stuff ( I want someone loyal, honest, committed etc). Thus its the same problem except just now apprarent in the online dating world, instead of the newspaper classified ads.

    1. This is such a good pt. I never thought about it like that. So true though. Your comment makes me want to be a little easier on the guys profile pics I see.

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