5 Hour Marathon


I always thought that people who ran five hour marathons were slow. I couldn’t ever imagine finishing a marathon in that amount of time-until TODAY. 

I ran my 3rd marathon in exactly five hours. I started out at a 4:25 pace, still slow but not horrible. By the time I finished the first half, I had slowed down to a 5:00 hour pace. I’ve gone through a few things personally in the last month that really impacted my training. 

I hadn’t done a long run in over a month. If you are a runner, you know that’s a really long time. When the half marathon and marathon split off into two separate races, I was VERY tempted to not finish the marathon and just do the half. It would have been so easy. 

I decided against it. I’m so glad I did. Running this marathon was extremely painful at times. But, no matter how hard the race got, I didn’t give up. 

I was humbled today. I ran really slow, and I’m ok with it. I usually end up learning something about life or myself after every marathon (that’s half the reason I love running them so much.) 

Today I learned that’s its ok, to not always do your best, the two things that really matter most, are showing up in the first place, and NEVER giving up. 





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