When I Get Married

#When I get married is trending on twitter. I started to scroll through all the tweets on this topic and I was amazed at how many people say that divorce is not an option when they get married.

The cynic in me cannot help but wonder how many of these people will actually end up divorced. I started to think about my generation and what our divorce statistics will look like. Will they be lower than our parents? Have we paid attention to the mistakes of our parent’s marriages?

The start of summer brings on a whole slew of marriages. It’s such an exciting time. I love everything about weddings. I love two people commit to a life together, in my mind there really isn’t anything more beautiful than that.

But, again I can’t help but stop and wonder what will my generations divorce statistics be? I honestly have no idea. My generation has been toughened up by the recent recession and serious lack of jobs after graduation. We also seem to be more cynical of relationships and marriage in general.

What do you think? Will we be able to avoid divorce 20 to 30 years from now?


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