To Twenty-Something Men

WARNING: The words below may upset or offend you if you are a close minded male.

I want to move to New York City or Washington D.C. someday. During my time there I would like to be a Chief of something-basically I want to be in charge.

It’s not easy for me to talk like this, in fact until a few months ago I would’ve never uttered these words. I started reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In.The book helped me realize that I wasn’t completely living up to my full potential.

Sandberg points out that most women won’t admit IMG_0511

that they want to be in charge, for fear they won’t be liked. She said that strong women in charge are often seen as “mean”. I was very afraid of this. But, I am even more afraid of admitting that I want to be in charge because someday I want to get married.

I’ve been afraid to voice the fact that mycareer will be demanding, and will require me to move. I’ve been told to keep these opinions to myself because I will have a hard time finding a guy who supports me.

I guess it’s too late for that now. I just said all that I want to do in this blog post.

So, here comes the offensive part: men, please support the women in your lives. If they want to move, be willing to go with them. If they want pursue a leadership position, be the support they need to get there.

I’ve heard to many girls my age complain that they had to give up their dreams and career aspirations to be with a guy. It’s my experience that the girl is usually the one who ends up sacrificing more when all is said and done.

Those days are coming to an end (thank goodness!) Relationships should be about a partnership. A girl should be willing to move for her guy, just as much as he is willing to move for her.

Also, please note: I am well aware that not all relationships are like this. Many people are able to make their careers and relationships work. This post is dedicated to the girls who want to pursue their careers and have a relationship, without having to sacrifice their dreams.

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