I saw boobs in California

A week ago today, I was on a boat in the San Diego Bay. It was beautiful and incredibly fun. A week later I am back at work and missing San Diego more than anything.

Traveling really teaches you things about yourself. I learned from my last trip that I am a very emotional person. (This probably does not come as a surprise to most of you who know me.) I make deep connections with the people and places I visit. I begin to immerse myself into the place I am visiting. I end up falling in love with every place I visit.

I think this happens because I have such an open mind and heart. I’m eager to meet complete strangers and hear their life stories. I love trying new food and exploring new places. In San Diego, I ate a true Mexican burrito with shrimp in it. (so good, not even close to a Chipotle burrito.)

I traveled to La Jolla and Laguna Beach and stared creepily at the locals. The locals in San Diego are much different than Cleveland, Ohio. While sitting at lunch one day, I looked over and saw a 16-17 year girl wearing a tank top with NO BRA! Her boobs were completely hanging out. I couldn’t stop staring. (You would never see this in Ohio.) This was in Laguna Beach. Everyone in the group the girl was with had long, unkempt hair, and baggy clothes. The girls casually sat on guys laps, eating their lunches. Again, not a typical scene in Cleveland-but this is why I love traveling so much.

I spent time running on the beach in Coronado. I ran on the very beach that Navy Seals do their training on. I heard stories about what its like to train to be a Seal.

These experiences are part of the reason I connected so well with San Diego. There’s nothing I can do about the way I feel. I’ve noticed this emotional connection happening to me over and over again. I come home from visting a place and immediately am overwhelmed with sadness.

I have so many places I want to live. NYC, DC, SD-I just don’t have the time or money. I wish I had more time. Everyone warns me that if I constantly move around I won’t ever fall in love and be able to start a family. How is it possible to make all of this happen.

Guess I’m gonna have to wait and see.

One thought on “I saw boobs in California

  1. Where there is a will there is a way. You CAN have it all. Travel, life, a job, love. I’ve been traveling, I’m broke, I’m in love. It’s possible

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