Guys: 8 steps to making dancing less awkward

Dancing has never been awkward for me. I don’t even have to think about it. I run out onto the dance floor and dance with whoever I want.

I can dance with guys and girls no problem. But, it’s a whole other story for guys. Girls pretty much set the rules for the dance floor. I’m not saying its fair, it’s just a fact of life.

So, if you are a guy and you are reading this pay close attention. Listed below are my top ways you can make dancing less awkward.

I’ve talked with numerous guys about dancing and the overwhelming majority tell me, “it’s not their thing” or “I’m not that good at it.” Well, guess what? Most girls love it, so you’re gonna have to learn to do it at some point.

1. Make some kind of contact before starting to dance with a girl. This should really be common sense. Girls don’t like to be grabbed out of nowhere. So, before you start to dance make eye contact with a girl or simply ask her if you can dance with her. (This may sound old school, but it works!)

2. Be appropriate with your hands! I won’t go into detail on my experiences with this, but seriously dudes don’t grab a girls ass, or put your hands all over her. Just place your hands slightly above her hips and keep them there. Also, don’t grab her too tight this makes it impossible to move!

3. Let the girl do the work. I’m serious. The best thing a guy can do is find a girl who really knows how to dance. Guys, don’t find this intimidating, make it work to your advantage! Most dancing now days involves girls dancing on guys. Just let her do her thing!

4. Don’t dance too long! I would say 3 or 4 songs max is perfect. As girls we like to be free to run around and dance with lots of people.

5. Learn to read body language. If you can master reading a girls body language, you are set. If a girl doesn’t want to dance with you, she may not come right out and say it. Just observe the situation. If she’s out with a bunch of girlfriends she may not want to be pulled away from her friends.

6. Use humor. Seriously, we love it. You don’t have to have amazing dance skills to dance with us. If you have a funny dance move you want to bust out, do it!

7. Stop fucking thinking so much! Excuse the swearing, but oh my goodness! Dancing at a bar shouldn’t be thought through.

8. Not everyone is watching you. This is so true. Most bars and clubs are packed and people are usually pretty drunk. Chances are no one else even notices your lack of skills.

Girls, did I miss anything? Any other tips for guys on how to dance? Guys, what do you think of my list? Anything to add?


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