Don’t Stalk Your Crush On Social Media


*Note: This post is primarily dedicated to girls.

You met a new guy. He’s different from anyone you’ve ever dated. He makes your heart race, he treats you right and you are super attracted to him. Congrats.

Your first date is set up for a week from today. Your new crush is the only thing you can think about. You talk about him constantly with friends and family. You only know a few things about him for sure-he’s fully employed, doesn’t live at home, has no children. Because you are a curious creature you can’t help but want to friend request him, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

DON’T. As a girl whose had many many crushes in the past, I can tell you that checking out his social media profiles before you go on an actual date with him is not smart. I’m telling to you to avoid him on social media not because it’s creepy, but because you are a female. And if you are normal you fantasize and create realities that are not true.

Let me give you an example. Say, you friend request him on Facebook. The first thing you will do is go through every single photo on his profile. If you see a picture of him running, you will immediately start imaging the two of you finishing a race together in the near future. Pictures of him with children will prove to you that he could someday be a quality father. On the other side, you may see pictures of him partying and decide that he isn’t your type because he goes out and drinks too much.

You immediately start to form opinions about a person the minute you look at their online profiles. These opinions may be completely wrong.

A Facebook profile or Instagram account is NOT an accurate representation of who a person is in real life.

When you view his pictures online you start picturing yourself in his life. You start creating a life together based on the pictures he has posted. Trust me I know how this goes because I’ve done it before.

Wait until you’ve gone on a date with the guy before you check him out on Facebook. Leave some mystery for the date. We share everything online today. Get to know the guy in the traditional way, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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