Work Husband

As a twenty-something, you are rocking out the professional world. It’s been a year since you landed your first real job, and you’ve just started figuring out how to fit in the corporate world.

This includes happy hours, lunch dates and networking events, all necessary parts of climbing that ladder, right? But, hold up-what happens when you meet another young professional like yourself who wants to grab coffee or lunch after the event. Its fine if you are single (heck, you might even score a date). How do you handle this situation if you are in a happily, committed relationship?

Only you know the true intentions you have when you are grabbing coffee or lunch with someone you just met at an event. If you are only truly interested in developing a professional relationship with that person, stop worrying! You know you’re committed to your significant other and that’s all that truly matters.

Keep it Professional:
The biggest practical advice I can give in a situation like this, is to keep the conversation mostly business related. Don’t get into each other’s personal lives. Once you start sharing personal stories and opening up to each other, you are crossing into dangerous territory in my mind. I’m not saying that you can’t share a funny story, or experience-I would just try and keep it primarily business.
Significant Other:

Another confusing aspect of this topic is whether or not to mention you are in a relationship. Because on the one had if you are truly just getting together to network and talk work stuff, your personal relationship is irrelevant to the conversation. You don’t want to state right up front that you have a significant other, if they have no interest in you whatsoever. Awkward!

If it does become apparent however; that the person you are meeting is interested beyond a professional relationship you must definitely speak up! Tell that person you are in a relationship right away.

Lastly, but probably most important, always tell your SO that you are going to lunch or coffee with someone of the opposite sex. Communication and complete honesty are super important in an instance like this.
Are you in a committed relationship? How would you feel if your significant other went to coffee or lunch with someone they met an networking event?


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